High Rise Is Back in Fashion

High rise clothing is basically known as pants, skirts and bikinis that are made to fit around your waist. Although many women can’t pull off the look, if worn the right way then high rise items of clothing can look amazing. High rise StyleWe bikini bottoms are elegant, sexy and just the thing for this summer. High waisted trousers are great for looking smart at work and high rise skirts are great for dates to those important parties. You can teem the waisted look up or down depending on your style. Have a look at our favorite styles that are back in fashion this season. From trousers to shorts, we have thought of it all.


High Waisted Trousers


Every girl needs to own a pair of high waisted trousers. Most of these styles come with wide bottoms to make the legs look longer. One color trousers of this style are perfect for work. Look professional and smart and stand out at the same time. Go for something extra bold and team it with a white shirt for extra effect. These can be used for casual wear as well. Black and brown are colors that never go out of fashion so think about investing in a pair of these.


High Waisted Skirts


High waisted skirts are just so sexy. They really show off the shape of your body and will have you turning heads. If you are feeling daring today then go out in a bright red pencil skirt with a high waist. Go for a silk shirt in white and some tottering heels and you will blow everyone away. If you want something a little more discreet then choose something like a pastel pink or blue color. These are still amazing colors but aren’t as bold. Pastel pink will go great with a black lacy shirt and blazer.

High Waisted Shorts


Everyone needs a good pair of shorts for those hot summer days. Team with a flowery t-shirt or a lacy tank top. Either way high waisted shorts can be just as stunning as skirts. These are more practical and can be used in a versatile way as well. You can dress them up for a party or dress them down for the beach. Either way, you need a pair of these in your wardrobe.


Why High Waist?


High waisted clothing will really even out your body. It will make your legs look longer and your bust a lot bigger. They will make you look feminine and elegant. Depending on how you want to wear them you can choose this style for a smart look or even for a casual look. If you want to look even better then go for heels and necklace to match.


If you really like the high waisted look then you can buy dresses which are tighter at the waist and emphasise this area. Why not show off your waist this season and WOW everyone!!